Moreau & HY-GIN-IC Bundle

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We've put together a little bundle of goodies to help see you through.

The bundle includes:

1x 700ml bottle of our award winning Moreau Apple Pie liqueur for your sipping pleasure.

2x 250ml bottles of our newly released HY-GIN-IC alcoholic hand rub for keeping your hands clean, moisturised and smelling a little bit like gin.


We've based this alcoholic hand rub on the formulation published by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Obviously we're creative and, some people would say, a bit nerdy, so we added some fresh aloe vera juice to stop your hands from drying out too much and an infusion of juniper and coriander to create a scent reminiscent of a nice gin (for Pete's sake, don't try to make a G&T with it though).

The only way this product is going to be useful to you is if you are ALSO doing a bunch of other things to protect yourself from contracting COVID-19, including practicing good social distancing behavior whenever you need to need to go out and interact with other people.

We absolutely DO NOT recommend you use this product in high-risk situations, such as if you're working in a hospital, nursing home or are likely to come into contact with a lot of people who are might be carrying the coronavirus. We based it on the WHO specs for regular people like us so the medical profession can still get hold of the really, really high-grade stuff.